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SHW Performance Brake Discs achieve European ECE R90 homologation.

ECE R90 Approved SHW Performance Brake Disc Rotor.

Mandatory Certification.

The so called "ECE-R90 homologation" is a mandatory certification of braking components for the European market as critical parts for vehicle safety and is regarded internationally as quality mark for premium replacement parts.

In order to be able to sell our brake discs in Europe we therefore had to go through the homologation process in which intense dyno - and vehicle tests as well as an extensive audit of all production - and quality processes around your products are involved.

The overall process we have started mid of 2020 in cooperation with TÜV Nord in Germany and is now complete.

We’re proud to have achieved the so called “E-Mark...

We’re proud to have achieved the so called “E-Mark” for the first batch of around 50 part numbers, which can be seen by a marking on the box label as well as on the brake disc for all homologated parts.

Further brake disc references will be added in future of course.


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